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Blog from Podiatrist Dr. Mark Gasparini

When it comes to the health of your feet, you want fast help. Get some top tips in this medical blog, written by Suffolk County podiatrist Dr. Mark Gasparini.

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  • Do You Need Bunion Surgery The good news is that not all cases of bunions require surgery, but how do you know if you do? Dr. Mark Gasparini, answers the question for you.
  • How are Bunions and Bunionettes Different? Mark Gasparini, D.P.M. at Foot Specialists of Long Island takes a look at the differences, and some similarities, between bunions and bunionettes.
  • Exercise for Happier Bunions Bunions don't have to ruin your love for staying active and living a healthy lifestyle. It's entirely possible to continue exercising with bunions.
  • What to Do for Children’s Bunions Do you believe your child is beginning to suffer from a bunion? If so, there are options available. See what foot doctor Mark Gasparini, DPM has to say.
  • Bounce Back from Bunion Surgery Recovery So, you just had surgery to remove that bothersome bunion, now what? Well, first is the road to recovery. Discover what you should do and what to avoid.
  • Leave That Bunion Pain Behind Celebrate Arbor Day but Leave Bunion Pain Behind
  • Working Out With Bunions Dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle but don't know how to proceed with your developing bunion? Discover how with Mark Gasparini, DPM of Long Island.
  • Myths and Facts about Bunions Discover the myths and actual facts behind bunions. Is everything you've been told a lie or are there truths to the myths being spread? Find the answers.