Expectations in life can be quite important. Knowing how many people will be attending your wedding helps you determine how big the cake should be. Thinking about starting a family afterwards will have you planning how many children and how you want to raise them. You’ll have lots of expectations when they are born, like hoping they will be healthy and whole, right down to the shape of their feet. If a son or daughter has pediatric flat foot, it might cause concern or confusion. Here at Foot Specialists of Long Island, we want you to know that there likely isn’t anything to be worried about.

Foot Arch Development

When it comes to the development of the foot arches, the first thing to know is that they do not generally appear until the age of 3. Prior to this time, they do exist but are obscured by padding. This means that when your child begins taking his or her first steps, he or she will likely do so with feet that are rather flat. There is no need to worry, as this is completely normal and in line with physical development.

Flexible Flat Feet Explained

After the age of 3 arches begin to emerge, but many children still appear to have flat feet when they are either standing or walking. This is not a particularly unusual condition, especially if arches can be observed when the child is standing on tiptoes or sitting with no bodyweight placed upon his or her feet. For many who experience this condition, it continues until around age 8, when arches are usually fully developed.

Flexible flat foot is not usually painful, but when the condition pushes into the adolescent years, it can lead to pain along the bottom of the foot. If this is the case, you should definitely bring your son or daughter into our office for treatment.

Treating Cases of Flat Foot

As we look at treatment, it is important to note that caring for the issue is only necessary if pain is present. If your child has flexible flat feet and does not experience any symptoms, it is nothing to be worried about, but keep an eye on the situation to see if things take a turn for the worse.

When treatment is necessary for relieving pain or alleviating other symptoms, conservative methods like stretching exercises, custom orthotic devices, and physical therapy may prove to be effective. In rare instances, surgery is the best course of caring for an arch issue, but we will discuss this matter with you before heading down that road.

Pediatric Foot Care in Long Island, NY

While most cases of pediatric flat foot do not require treatment, we can keep an eye on your child’s development and provide peace of mind for you. Should your son or daughter require treatment, we will provide the same level of care that we would for our own children.

Foot Specialists of Long Island is committed to providing effective pediatric foot care to relieve painful symptoms and ensure healthy development. If your child is experiencing pain or restricted mobility, contact us by calling (516) 804-9038 or use our online form to request an appointment at our Nassau County, NY office today.