Fungal nail infections can be a source of deep discomfort and embarrassment for many. Fear of exposing your thick, discolored, crumbly nails to the outside world may cause you to keep them hidden away in socks and shoes all year long—and avoid sandals, spa days, even trips to the pool.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Thanks to laser therapy, eradicating toenail fungus is easier, safer, and more effective than ever before.

What Are Fungal Nails?

Fungal nails are caused by an infection of dermatophyte bacteria—the same microorganisms that cause athlete’s foot. They love warm, wet environments like public pools (or sweaty shoes) and can get underneath your nails through tiny cuts in your skin or cracks in the nail. Once underneath, the fungus feasts on the nearly limitless supply of keratin provided by your skin and nails.

The infection can produce several trademark symptoms in the nail, including:

  • Increased thickness
  • Discoloration (often yellow, brown, white, or gray)
  • Brittleness or crumbliness
  • Distortion or warping
  • Odor

How Were Fungal Nails Treated Before Laser Therapy?

Before the advent of laser therapy, fungal toenails were most often treated using oral and topical antifungal medications. (This is still the primary approach in many clinics.) However, these treatments leave a lot to be desired. Topicals are relatively ineffective, since they have trouble permeating the nail itself. Oral treatments are more effective, but are associated with an increased risk of bad side effects, including liver damage and skin rashes. They also require you to complete a full treatment course of daily pills, lasting as long as three months in some cases.

Why Should I Choose Laser Therapy for My Fungal Toenails?

Before and After

Laser therapy represents a significant leap in treatment of unsightly fungal nails. It is an improvement over the old methods in almost every respect—it’s safer, easier, less intrusive and has a higher average cure rate, with no pain, no downtime and no known side effects.

The technology is impressive. It works by using a beam of concentrated light, at just the right power, wavelength, and frequency. The laser beam is able to pass through the thickened nail plate to reach the fungi below. It is harmless toward your own skin and tissue, but deadly for the fungi.

About 4 in 5 patients will see clear nail growth after just three treatments, which occur monthly and typically last only a few minutes. Others may require one or two additional booster treatments to get rid of the fungus for good.

Our Laser Packages

At your initial appointment, our team will assess the state of your fungal nails and discuss the laser treatment package that may be most appropriate for your situation.

Nail Package.

  • $899 - 3 laser treatments for both feet (all 10 toes) and includes Tolcelyn Shoe Spray, and a bottle of Tolcelyn Solution
  • $649 - 3 laser treatments for one foot (all 5 toes on one foot)

A total savings of $220!

Let the Foot Specialists of Long Island help you finally get rid of those fungal nails—and get your confidence back! For more information, fill out our online form or give us a call today at (516) 804-9038.