We are two months in now since New Year’s resolutions were made – how are you doing with yours (if you made one)? Many aim to get back on the healthy wagon with diet and exercise—a worthy goal, but one that isn’t easy to achieve. Lifestyle, work, family, and even weather can get in the way. Add in having a foot problem such as bunions, and working out can become challenging.

With this foot deformity, the big toe joint shifts out of alignment. The tip leans in toward the small toes, forcing the joint outward, which causes the characteristic bump on the side of the foot. Working out and doing certain exercises could add extra pressure on your feet and cause pain in your toe joint.

With bunions, the best way to protect your feet is with really good footwear. Wear an athletic shoe that is comfortable and roomy. Some styles are made for a wider foot, which is better so the skin on the big toe joint isn’t rubbing constantly inside your shoe. It may be helpful to put a small piece of moleskin or a gel-filled pad over it as a form of protection.

We find that our athletic patients with bunions also can benefit from wearing custom orthotic inserts in their shoes. Orthotics will support your foot and help position it so it strikes the ground correctly. If you have pain after working out, a warm soak and applying an ice pack will help ease your discomfort and any swelling.

If you love to be active but are being hindered by bunions, please call Mark Gasparini, D.P.M. We can evaluate your foot health and provide the expert care your feet need to stay healthy. Call our office in Massapequa, NY at (516) 804-9038 to make an appointment today.

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