With summer winding down, this is your last chance to hear the Sounds of Summer Outdoor Music at the Parrish Art Museum in Long Island. If bunion pain has you thinking of staying home you should reconsider. Exercise and stretching are good ways to get rid of the discomfort caused by these pesky bumps once and for all. So go out and enjoy one last summer concert with your family and make bunion pain a thing of the past.

Bunions are bumps that form on the big toe. They are a result of the first metatarsal bone jutting outward, which causes the big toe to turn inward against the other toes. This deformity can cause pain and it can make it difficult to fit your feet into your normal shoes. You may even develop calluses on your toes because of the friction of your skin against your shoes.

Treatment involves wearing shoes that provide your feet with enough wiggle room to be comfortable. You can protect the bunion with a moleskin pad. This serves a dual purpose because it prevents blisters or calluses from forming while reducing pain and pressure.

Additionally, there are stretches and exercises you can do to get rid of bunion pain. Unfortunately they will not make the bump itself go away, because it is a biomechanical deformity, but they will make your life a lot more comfortable. Curling your toes under and then stretching them out again will greatly strengthen your muscles. Another way is to try picking up small objects (marbles, towels, etc.) with them. You can also try flexing your toes against a hard surface, such as a wall, and then contracting them. Some people find relief by using a frozen water bottle or a golf ball as a massager along their arches and around their toes. Lastly, it might not even feel like exercise, but taking a leisurely, barefoot stroll on the beach can really help build up your feet and leg muscles.

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