Children like to run around and play outside, but if they aren’t wearing the right shoes, they might end up with bunions. That’s right, that infamous painful bump is not just found on grown-ups’ feet!

A bunion occurs when the big toe starts to drift toward the others forcing the joint to protrude. When this happens friction and pressure against it cause it to become inflamed, and that results in pain. To prevent this from happening to your child, don’t wait too long to replace shoes as his or her foot grows—shoes that are too tight will squish the toes and make them susceptible to the condition. Children with flat feet are prone to have problems that could lead to bunions as well, so they need to take extra precautions.

Placing insoles, or orthotics, in kids’ shoes, will provide comfort and support. These can be soft or rigid, depending on your little one’s needs. Soft insoles absorb shock and create a cushion around the foot. The rigid ones help keep weight evenly dispersed to reduce pressure areas. Your podiatrist will recommend what’s best for your child. Although some adults opt to have their bunions surgically corrected, for children, it is best to wait until their bones are fully developed, unless the problem is severe.

If you notice a bump on your son or daughter’s big toe joint, call Mark Gasparini, D.P.M. at (516) 804-9038, or visit our office in Massapequa, NY. We’ll help your child get back to pain-free playtime!

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