New York Fashion Week finished up mid-February. During that time, fashion enthusiasts were given an incredible peek into what is in and what is out. This week of elegant, elaborate events highlights up and coming designers, but the garments and often shoes are really what take the spotlight.

While sneakers are rarely seen on the runways of Fashion Week, in the world of sports, athletes often anticipate new footwear--2014 is sure to not disappoint. According to the folks at Runner’s World, a component that athletic shoe manufacturers are focusing on is cushioning. Those involved in sports want to perform their best while their feet feel great. It is important to choose a shoe appropriate for the activity you do, but we’ve found some trends in footwear worth checking out.

The Skora FIT shoe weighs 8.3 oz., and it offers a zero-drop style with 16mm of cushioning. Athletes like its asymmetrical lacing and flexibility. The Patagonia Rover is a great option for the hiker. It comes in at 7.3 oz and has a sticky rubber outsole for ultimate mountain traction. The Asics Gel-Noosa 9 is made for the triathlete and boasts a seamless upper, silicon grips on the tongue and optional elastics for easy access during a race.

Want more? The Brooks Transcend offers a plush ride and extra foot stability for runners. Five Fingers have come up with the Vibram Bikila EVO that still has the characteristic five-toe separators, but the shoes also come with a full-length foam midsole. Lastly, the Hoka Conquest is an oversized cushioning shoe that produces a low-impact floating sensation when you walk.

It is fun to see the new options in footwear, but if your feet are in pain it’s time to contact Mark Gasparini, D.P.M. We can diagnose the problem and provide the treatment your feet need. Get on your way to being pain free, and call our office in Massapequa, NY at (516) 804-9038 to make an appointment today.

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