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Foot Specialists of Long Island
Call: 516-804-9038
Toll Free: 844-899-8658

Testimonials for Foot Specialists of Long Island

When it comes to caring for your feet, you want to work with someone you can trust. Find out why others loved working with Dr. Gasparini at Foot Specialists of Long Island in these testimonials.

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Google Reviews:

"If there was a such thing as 10 star recommendation I would give it to him. Dr. Gasparini is awesome."

- Donald Wagner

"Doctor Gasparini saved my mother in law's foot, but more importantly, her life."

- Amber Ves

"Dr. Gasparini is the best doctor. Very respectable, kind and very knowledgeable. This is the place to go. Very very clean and friendly staff, which to me is hard to find. I highly recommend him."

- Mary Chavez

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Healthgrades Reviews:

"Dr Gasparini is awesome and his staff are all very friendly."

- Ashley

"Not only is Dr. Gasparini a great doctor, but his Office Manager is top notch. I'm very thankful for getting me in when I needed them."

- Keith Fitzpatrick

"Dr. Mark Gasparini took the time and effort to find the cause of my severe foot pain. He took several tests to determine the cause of my discomfort. I am glad I am a patient of Dr. Gasparini who analyzed the problem and continues to treat me successfully."

- Joan