Gout can be a very frustrating thing to have. It causes extreme toe pain to the point where it may even be difficult to wear shoes when having an attack. Fortunately, it can be controlled through changes in your way of life. For instance, diet and exercise are very important things to think about. Stop suffering unnecessarily from joint pain and get the help you need.

What Is Gout?

This condition is a very painful form of arthritis. It may feel as though your feet are on fire or that you are being poked with hot needles. Mostly, the condition occurs in older men who are overweight, but it can technically happen to anyone.

It occurs when microscopic crystals (called urate crystals) form around your joints. They form as a result of too much uric acid in the body. Uric acid is naturally occurring, and is usually passed by way of urine. However, there may be an influx of uric acid because of the foods we eat.

Our bodies create more acid when we eat foods that contain purines, such as red meat, herring, mushrooms, and asparagus. If you have this type of arthritis you will want to stay away from these foods, as they will cause you more discomfort.

How to Control Your Symptoms with Diet

There are certain medications that can help treat gout or control an attack. From nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications to corticosteroids, there is a number of medications from which to choose. Your doctor can help decide which one will work best for you. However, if you prefer, there are more natural ways to control your symptoms.

The main way to manage your problem to manage your diet. Stay away from foods that contain purines. Most animal products are off-limits, including fish. Getting your healthy fats from beans or legumes is the best idea, as saturated fats are likely to cause an attack.

You will want to limit or avoid alcohol, particularly beer. However, wine will most likely not raise your uric acid levels. Along with avoiding certain drinks, make sure you’re adding more water and other healthy fluids to your diet. Coffee may even be beneficial for lowering the risk of an attack.

Other more general advice for eating healthy: Avoid anything sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup and stick to whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. These foods have never steered anyone wrong and are very good for your body.

Exercising With Joint Pain

Maintaining a healthy weight is important to minimizing an attack. Some people with this joint pain may not think they’re able to get the exercise they need because of the pain they feel. However, there’s actually a variety of certain exercises that people with gout can do. Range-of-motion stretches can help ease some of the joint pain you may feel. You can even do cardio, but it’s advised to not put too much pressure on the affected joint. If you have pain in your big toe, you might want to stick with cycling or swimming instead of running or walking.

Getting Professional Help

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