There are many types of events you can attend in the holiday season here in Long Island, NY. You might check out the Christmas House Tour at Sagtikos Manor and see how various U.S. presidents celebrated the holidays, the family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebration at Long Island Aquarium, or the Annual Cookie Exchange hosted by Southampton Historical Museum. You will choose the events that work best for you or your family. In a similar manner, there are many options when we look at forefoot surgical procedures, and we will choose the one that fits your situation best.

Our practice is committed to using conservative care whenever possible to treat any forefoot condition, but there are cases where surgery represents the best chance for a patient to overcome an issue. Some of the common types of forefoot surgery include:

  • Fusions – Used to treat arthritic conditions, this procedure entails the removal of cartilage in a joint and connecting bones together so they are unable to move.
  • Tendon surgery – Tendons in the forefoot may need to be repaired, lengthened, or shortened, depending on the condition being corrected.
  • Metatarsal surgery – When weight-bearing on the ball of the foot is uneven, we may need to use this procedure to redistribute weight more equitably.
  • Bunion and hammertoe surgery – We can often treat the symptoms of these toe deformities with conservative care, but they are progressive in nature and will not improve without surgical intervention.
  • Neuroma surgery – When faced with abnormal or painful sensations in the forefoot, neuroma surgery might be the answer.

We know it isn’t possible in every case to solve foot problems with conservative care. When our patients need forefoot surgical procedures, they find peace of mind knowing that the surgery is being performed by an experienced, skilled foot doctor. If your forefoot condition requires surgical care, let Foot Specialists of Long Island handle the procedure for you!

Contact our Nassau County, NY podiatry office online or call us at (516) 804-9038 for additional information or to schedule your appointment with us today. Also, be sure to request your free copy of our book Stop Heel Pain Now: A Guide to Understanding Its Causes and Treatments. Simply fill out the online request form and we will send you a copy at no cost and with no obligations on your end.
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