It is difficult to provide an assessment with regard to how long you may need physical therapy after surgery without an actual evaluation of your issues and situation, but there are some guidelines that might help. For example, six to eight weeks of physical therapy following a bunion surgery may be recommended. With other procedures, we may recommend four to six weeks of physical conditioning. Still others may take even longer than eight weeks.

What we can say definitively is that we will always take the time to explain the surgical procedure to you first, including what you can expect from recovery. During this discussion, we can estimate more accurately your specific need for therapy.

Our patients know that the preferred course of treatment is conservative, but some cases benefit from surgical intervention. Fortunately, our podiatrist—Mark Gasparini, D.P.M.—has the experience and skill you want from a foot surgeon. Once the procedure is completed, we will provide instructions as part of your postsurgical care, and this might include physical therapy. Simply follow doctor instructions for optimal healing.

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