While we deal with some crazy April showers, we’re dreaming of May flowers…and showing off some pretty spring nail colors with our next pretty pedicure. Now, as podiatrists in Massapequa, we’re all about showing off healthy, beautiful nails. But there are a few things about getting a spring pedicure at the spa that make us worry. 

Why is that the case? You see, too many people pick up infections, or develop ingrown toenails, after making a to the nail salon. And, even if you make it safely through your salon services, the nail polishes and removers that they used are acetone-based and packed with chemicals that can weaken and damage your nails permanently. 

So, how can you safely work your way through all of the trendiest spring nail colors this season? Stick with us and we’ll teach you how to get a safe spring pedicure at home. Then we’ll set you up for success with some of the season’s hottest (or coolest) polish suggestions! 

Creating a Sterile Spa Environment in Your Own Home pretty feet on wood floor with spring pedicure

If you want to avoid the hazards of getting a spring pedicure at the spa, it’s important to take some time and prepare the space in your home where you’ll be pampering your nails. To begin with, make sure to clean the space where you’ll be treating your feet. Set yourself up on clean, fresh towels or wipe down the floor or counter you’ll be using with warm water and soap or rubbing alcohol. And once that’s done, get your hands nice and clean, too. 

Now you’re ready to gather your tools—cotton swabs, nail scissors or a nail file, moisturizer, polish remover and polish should be enough. Sterilize any reusable tools with warm water and soap. And make sure that every member of your family has his or her own set of scissors to avoid passing around infections or foot fungus

Finished all your prep work? It’s time to get down to business, getting your toenails looking and feeling their best. Here’s how we’ll get that done! 

Your No-Nonsense Guide to Scoring the Perfect Spring Pedicure at Home

Choosing the right spring nail colors is just one small piece of the perfect spring pedicure process. But, before you get to that point, you have to work through each of these steps. Carefully, and in the order we’re suggesting. 

1.    Remove any traces of old nail polish, using a product that’s not based in acetone, like those produced by the Dr.’s Remedy brand. 
2.    Clean and prep a foot spa or your bathtub, and fill with a few inches of warm water, adding soap and/or Epsom salts to the mix for added soothing and cleansing. Let your feet soak for about 15 minutes. But, if you have a condition like diabetes that interferes with your ability to detect changes in temperature, you may wish to skip the soak and manually clean your feet instead. 
3.    Start filing or trimming your nails. Whether using nail scissors or a nail file, make sure that you keep your nail long enough that some of it’s white portion is still visible. And, when shaping the nail go for a square shape without rounded edges, as trimming nails to follow the shape of your nail bed can increase your risk for ingrown toenails. 
4.    With your nails prepped and ready to go, it’s time to turn your focus to the rest of the foot. Grab that moisturizer you gathered earlier and apply liberally to your feet, helping prevent dry skin and heel cracks from developing. If you wish, you can even apply a special moisturizing oil to your cuticles. But don’t try and remove them—at most, you should push them down gently. After all, they serve a purpose—protecting your nails from infection—so they should be left in place to do their job. 
5.    Build a strong base by applying a top coat to your nails. Again, look for more natural products. The Dr.’s Remedy line has several great options to choose from. Once applied, wait for about two minutes before moving to the next step: applying your choice of 2024’s haute-ist spring nail polishes!

Haute Spring Nail Polishes for 2024: Check out These Trending Colors

What spring nail polishes are heating up in 2024? This season, trendsetters are loving shades of fiery red and baby blue, along with pale pinks, vibrant yellows, mint greens, lavender and beige. Luckily, Dr.’s Remedy can help you rock the latest trends without damaging your nails, thanks to their polishes unique blend of vegan ingredients designed to nourish and strengthen nails. 

This spring pedicure season, we’re loving shades like Loyal Linen, Plucky Plum and Tactful Turmeric, but feel free to experiment and find the nail color that works best for your style and skin tone! Then, once you’ve applied your perfect shade, give your spring nail colors 20 minutes to dry. Or to speed up the process, apply a fast-drying topcoat and get ready to return to the rest of your day. 

Now, before you cover up those feet again (after all, it’s still pretty chilly on Long Island, even though the calendar says it’s spring) make sure that your feet are dry. Especially in tricky spots between your toes. Otherwise, the remaining moisture could create a warm, damp environment that invites fungal infections like athlete’s foot. 

Expert Foot and Nail Care in Massapequa, NY

Now that we’ve shared our secrets to scoring the perfect spring pedicure, there’s one more thing we have to mention. All the prettiest spring nail colors in the world won’t make your feet feel great if you have an underlying problem like a fungal toenail infection. So, if you want your feet to look and feel their best, schedule an appointment with our podiatrists in Nassau County. From cosmetic concerns to infections and more, we’re here to resolve all your pressing foot and nail concerns, so that the only thing admirers will comment on is your perfect pedicure! 


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