We are getting close to Valentine’s Day, which means that you are likely starting to see hearts all over the place. Whether you are picking up some sweet treats at Francesco’s Italian-American Bakery or grabbing a card for a friend at Molly’s Hallmark here in Massapequa, you can see many signs letting you know the holiday is right around the corner.

Of course, you know the human heart doesn’t look anything like the ones adorning baked goods and greeting cards. You also probably know the importance that exercise has for your heart health, but did you know that exercise can help improve varicose veins, too?

When a vein has become varicose, it will often appear enlarged and gnarled. This alone makes people self-conscious and embarrassed, but there can also be physical symptoms like itching, burning sensations, achiness, and even pain. The good news is that there are treatment options for varicose veins, including exercise.

As we look at using exercise to treat and prevent a varicose vein, let’s start with activities that are especially beneficial for your veins. These include:

  • Walking – This is the top-shelf option when it comes to using exercise to promote healthy circulation in your lower body. Walking is a low-impact activity that activates calf muscles and results in blood being pumped out of the veins and back up to the heart.
  • Cycling – Even if “just” using a stationary bike, this activity also improves circulation and works the lower limbs without placing excessive stress on them.
  • Swimming – The external pressure from the water in the pool helps to move the blood, but staying horizontal (while kicking) provides additional benefit.

Not all exercises are great for this condition, though. Running and weightlifting (particularly when using heavy weights) should generally be avoided, but we can help you decide what is best for you and assist you in creating your exercise plan.

These exercises can be useful for helping improve varicose veins, but you may want professional treatment here in Nassau County, NY. When this is the case, be sure to contact Foot Specialists of Long Island by calling our Massapequa, NY office at (516) 804-9038. We will be glad to answer any questions and provide whatever information we can to help. If you’d prefer, simply schedule an appointment with us online and we will look forward to seeing you.

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