Sometimes it can be tough to find news that will make you smile, but Stony Brook University Hospital has recently celebrated the 100,000th delivery at the hospital. The first delivery was in May of 1980 and now almost 4,000 babies are born there annually. There are many physical distinctions among the infants delivered at Stony Brook, but we can guarantee that almost all of them appeared to have flat feet at birth.

During the first year or two, it is completely normal for children’s feet to appear flat. This is because babies’ feet have a pad of fat in each of the arch areas. As the baby begins to grow, leg and foot muscles are not yet developed to the point where they can support the arches when standing.

Even as your son or daughter begins taking his or her first steps, the arches still won’t likely be seen. Normal child foot development dictates that the arches may start to emerge around 2 or 3 years of age. If your toddler or young child is at that point, but you do not observe these foot structures when he or she stands or walks, there is still little need to worry. At this point, the arch is still developing.

 It isn’t particularly unusual for a child to have a case of flexible flat foot in the early years. This is essentially a matter of arches that aren’t present when a child supports bodyweight, but can be seen when he or she is sitting or standing on tiptoes. In most cases, this will resolve itself by the age of 8, when arches are fully developed. If your child’s flat feet are causing pain or other problems at that time, we can discuss treatment that may help.

If you would like additional information on the development of arches for young children, or think that your child would benefit from the pediatric foot care we offer, contact our Long Island, NY office today. You can reach Foot Specialists of Long Island by calling (516) 804-9038 or use our online form to schedule an appointment if you are concerned about your child’s flat foot condition.

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