Have you heard about Swift for plantar warts and want to learn more? Well, plantar warts are a very common—and stubborn—condition. Almost every one you know will develop a plantar wart at some point in their life. As such, there are hundreds of over the counter treatment options to get rid of these pesky warts on the bottom of your feet. But here’s the problem—most of them just don’t work. So investing in OTC plantar wart treatments is basically throwing away your money. 

Now, in the office, we do have several effective wart treatments. And, for the most part, they work by destroying the wart’s tissue, whether that’s with lasers, salicylic acid, liquid nitrogen or any other conventional treatment. Of course, these treatments do get rid of your warts. But they also damage the delicate surrounding skin on the bottom of your feet. As a result, your treatment can leave you with scarring. Even worse? Because it can be tough to destroy all the affected wart tissue, these treatments sometimes leave a bit behind. As such, conventional treatments often result in warts that keep coming back. For years, this frustration sent people searing for a better solution. And, today, we have one: Swift for plantar warts

Swift for Plantar Warts: A Permanent Solution through Microwave Therapy  swift for plantar warts

Why does Swift therapy for plantar warts work better than other treatment options? It’s because the treatment takes a different approach to wart removal. Instead of trying to destroy wart tissue, Swift stimulates your immune system, helping your body fight off the virus causing warts to form. In this way, after using Swift for plantar warts, you have less than a 1% chance of your wart coming back.  As such, many people find that this system cures plantar warts—for good! 

How Does Swift Therapy Work?

How can the Swift system stimulate your immune system? Basically, it directs low-powered microwave energy to your wart, penetrating 3 mm beneath the skin surface after a direct application. Then, in a session that lasts mere seconds, that microwave energy can heat up water molecules living inside the plantar wart. When that happens, viral proteins within the wart get uncovered, allowing your immune system to identify and target the invaders. Quickly, your immune system will gear up to fight off the virus.

Because Swift gets your immune system to fight away plantar warts, it stands out from the sea of other treatment options as the most effective one. You see, without some outside assistance, your immune system can’t detect the wart virus. But once you try Swift for plantar warts, your immune system becomes capable of detecting and fighting the HPV virus. In the process, it builds up future immunity, so the plantar warts are very unlikely to return. 

Does Swift Therapy Hurt?

While some people feel minor discomfort during their Swift therapy sessions, the time is short—between two and three seconds—so this is very manageable. Then, once the session is complete, you won’t experience any lingering discomfort. You also won’t have any sores, blisters or marks of any kind following Swift therapy. Best of all, as soon as your session is complete, you can get right back to your day, with no limits on your activity levels. For these reasons, we consider Swift the best option removing plantar warts in Long Island.

Swift Wart Removal: What to Expect 

This treatment option offers consistent results, by delivering a precise and controlled amount of low-powered microwave energy directly to your wart. The treatment is also safe and sterile, as each application is delivered with a one-time-use applicator tip. Also, the FDA approves Swift for plantar wart treatment, and years of scientific research confirms its efficacy. Finally, this treatment is minimally invasive, since you won’t be left with any wounds or skin breaks, there’s no scarring with Swift, and you never need anesthetics before treatment. Afterwards, you won’t experience lingering pain either, so you won’t need any medications. This is a major improvement over conventional wart treatments, which are very painful and cause lots of skin damage. And, because it’s minimally invasive and virtually pain-free, Swift is a safe wart treatment option for everyone, including children. 

How Many Swift Sessions Will I Need to Remove My Warts? 

Most patients will resolve their plantar warts after three treatments with Swift. Each of these treatment sessions should be scheduled one month apart. And each visit should last between five and 10 minutes since, in addition to the Swift treatment, we may need to gently pare down the wart as well.  Even so, you won’t need any dressings or bandages after your treatment, so you won’t have any complicated care instructions to follow at home. You also won’t need to care for your wart in any way between your Swift treatments. 

Swift for Plantar Warts: Treatment Consultation in Massapequa, Long Island 

We encourage you to come into the office as soon as you notice a plantar wart forming. Early intervention will allow us to start treating your warts before they spread or become painful. Not sure what to look for? 

Common plantar wart symptoms include:

  • A wound on the bottom of your foot that causes discomfort when walking, similar to the feeling of having a rock in your shoe
  • That lesion hurts when you squeeze it from the sides
  • There are small, black dots in the center of the lesion
  • The wound bleeds or causes pain, even when not being squeezed

Have you noticed one or more of these symptoms of plantar warts? Are you ready to find a cure for your warts, and not just temporary relief? It's time to visit our podiatry practice in Massapequa for a Swift consultation.

Once you come into the office, we can evaluate your foot and confirm a plantar wart diagnosis. Next, we’ll review all your treatment options, including Swift for plantar warts. All you have to do is follow this link to request an appointment, or call the office at 516-804-9038. We’ll get you taken care of right away.