Plantar warts are a common kind of wart that forms on the bottom of your feet. Nearly every one of us will develop a plantar wart at some point in their lives. And that’s why your local pharmacies are packed with at-home treatment options in their foot care aisles. Of course, it’s true that there are several wart treatment options that can be effective. But you’re unlikely to find a good over-the-counter option. And, even in-office, many of our wart treatments took a long time to give results. Until, that is, we started offering Swift Therapy for plantar warts. 

Why Some Wart Treatments Fail machine that delivers Swift Therapy for warts

Most plantar wart treatments break down wart tissue, whether they do so with acid, liquid nitrogen, or a laser. Unfortunately, these options can also harm surrounding healthy tissue, causing pain and scarring. Plus, results are slow and inconsistent. And that leaves to many patients frustrated, in pain, and dealing with warts that never completely resolve. Or that disappear, only to return again in a few short weeks or months. 
Well, at our podiatry practice in Massapequa, NY, we hate seeing patients get upset. And we love to deliver fast, effective relief for whatever condition is hurting your feet. For that reason, we’re thrilled to offer Swift Therapy in the office, to quickly and comfortably treat your pesky plantar warts. Without the fear that they’ll return. 

Swift Therapy:  The Lasting Solution for Plantar Warts 

Whether warts form on the bottom, top or sides of your feet, Swift microwave therapy offers effective treatment results. And it does so in a very different manner than other therapies. You see, instead of destroying the wart tissue, the Swift system uses microwave energy to stimulate your body’s natural immune response. As a result, when you treat your plantar warts with Swift Therapy, their chances of returning fall to less than 1%. But how exactly does the Swift system harness the power of your body’s own immunity? Let’s take a closer look. 

How Does Swift Destroy Plantar Warts?

The Swift system we have in our Long Island podiatry practices directs low-power, microwave energy directly to your wart, reaching down to 3 mm beneath its surface. In mere seconds, that microwave energy is able to warm the molecules of water molecules that live within that pesky wart. In the process, it helps uncover the viral proteins that led to the wart’s growth in the first place. Now, your immune system can detect them, and get to work fighting off the viral infector, clearing up your wart in the process. 

Because it helps your body’s immune system recognize and fight off the virus that causes warts, Swift Therapy is one of the most effective treatment options available. You see, in most cases, your body doesn’t take a look inside your wart, so it can’t detect the invasive HPV virus that caused the growth to form. 

But when Swift puts that virus under a spotlight? Now, your body can detect human papillomavirus, build immunity against it, and offer a near-permanent solution to plantar warts. 

Does Swift Therapy Hurt? doctor applying topical wart treatment

First, it’s important to remember that a Swift session won’t last more than a few seconds. Still, in that short time frame, some people may experience minor discomfort. But as soon as treatment is complete, you should not experience any lingering pain. You also won’t develop a scar, sore or blister. Even better? Right after a Swift treatment, you can get back to your regular activities, without any restrictions or complex follow up care. 

Why Choose Swift Therapy in Long Island? 

At our Massapequa podiatry practice, we tell patients that choosing to treat their warts with Swift Therapy provides superior results. This treatment option is precise and consistent. It’s an entirely safe and sterile procedure, since treatment is delivered via a brand new applicator tip. For every single session. 

Even better? Unlike many home remedies, Swift Therapy was developed based on years of scientific research, and has received FDA approval for wart treatment. Plus, when you treat warts with microwave energy, you don’t need to worry about wounds, blisters, pain or dressings. You won’t need numbing or anesthesia to get through treatment. Additional prescriptions or medications won’t be necessary. And this wart treatment option is safe for patients of all ages! 

What Happens During a Course of Swift Therapy for Warts

Most patients will require three Swift treatments to clear up their warts. Typically, we will deliver each session at one month intervals. And each session should last for no more than 10 minutes, maximum. We won’t have to apply a bandage to your wart, or cut away a significant amount of tissue. And you won’t have to deal with topical medications between treatment sessions, making this an easy and hassle-free treatment modality. 

Requesting a Swift Therapy Consultation 

As soon as you suspect a plantar wart is forming, come into the office for a consultation. The sooner we see you in the office, the faster we can start treating your plantar warts, preventing them from causing you pain or from spreading to other parts of your feet—or your body. 

Not sure how to tell you’ve got plantar warts? Here are some of the telltale warning signs: 

•    Bottom of the foot lesion that make it feel like you’re walking on pebbles 
•    The lesion feels painful when squeezed on its sides
•    The wart has small, central black dots 
•    You’re experiencing pain or bleeding at the lesion site 
•    Walking hurts

Effective Wart Treatment in Massapequa, NY

Ready to say goodbye to plantar warts, without worrying that they’ll return again? It's time to request a wart consultation with our experienced podiatrists. In our Massapequa, Long Island office, we can evaluate changes to the delicate skin on the bottom of your foot. After ensuring that you’re dealing with a plantar wart, we’ll review your treatment options and answer any remaining questions you may have about the comprehensive Swift Therapy treatment plan. All you have to do is request an appointment online or give us a call at 516-804-9038. We’ll get you scheduled for the earliest available appointment.

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