Taking care of children’s feet is very important, because at certain stages of physical development children’s foot deformities could turn into serious issues that continue into adulthood. Keeping their feet protected is crucial to laying the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy feet. Some conditions are inherited and may be present at birth—clubfoot, for example. Others, such as Sever’s disease, come as a result of trauma or overuse. Still others develop when footwear is problematic, including hammertoe. It’s important to make sure your child is wearing shoes that fit properly. It’s likely that you will be replacing their shoes every few months during growth spurts, so be prepared. Children are less likely to notice when there is an issue with their feet, so it’s up to you to check them regularly for any abnormalities. An annual visit for a consultation at our office is also a good idea, so we can be sure that everything is developing normally.

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