Prefabricated inserts have considerable potential to address certain causes of Achilles tendinopathy, and in some cases may provide comparable results to custom orthotics.

However, that does not mean simply going to the nearest store and picking your best guess off the shelf will have a good chance of providing the results you need! Even premade orthotic inserts must be chosen wisely to accommodate your specific mechanical needs. Not only that, but certain adjustments can make an enormous difference in their overall effectiveness.

custom orthotics

That is why our practice carries a wide range of high-quality, medical-grade inserts that we may recommend for patients with certain treatment needs. We trust these inserts to provide optimal results compared to general store-bought brands, plus you have our expertise at hand when it comes to obtaining the best options for your lifestyle, activity level, and other factors.

And if your prefabricated inserts need to be adjusted or augmented to better help your Achilles-related heel pain (such as by adding a heel lift to further reduce strain), we are able to do so with the devices we carry. You almost never receive such options at the local pharmacy!