One of the key challenges that comes with parenting is getting our children to understand that, yes, adults really do know best. (Well, most of the time.) It’s easy for us to look back and say “Dad was right, that perm was not a good look for me.” Being able to explain that to kids is a bit more difficult. As podiatrists, we know what we’re talking about, too—like when kids need orthotics to correct a foot or ankle condition.

In the field of podiatry, we have many tools that can help various foot and ankle conditions children might develop. One of our tools that can be particularly effective is the use of custom orthotics. A major reason they work so well is that devices are created specifically for your child’s unique feet.

What conditions do orthotics help? The list includes:

  • Juvenile bunions – When introduced early in the condition, an orthotic device can improve foot alignment and decrease the progression of the bunion. Even though it cannot reverse the condition, an orthosis can improve the situation for a child.
  • Sever’s disease – There are other treatment methods that may help, but a heel rise can help reduce the aggravation that comes with a short, tight Achilles tendon.
  • High arches (cavus foot) – Orthotic devices can be used to distribute pressure more evenly and reduce the risk of associated issues (stress fractures, plantar fasciitis).
  • Metatarsalgia (forefoot pain) – Bars or pads under the metatarsals (the bones in the forefoot) are useful for treating this particular condition.
  • Pediatric Flat Foot – Orthotics offer arch support, which corrects imbalances in the foot, helps relieves strain, and straightens the body for proper biomechanics.

Custom orthotics can be a part of a successful treatment plan, but are not always the solution for foot and ankle issues. Here at Foot Specialists of Long Island, we have the experience and knowledge to determine when kids need orthotics and when a different path is necessary. Contact us by calling (516) 804-9038 or schedule your son or daughter’s appointment online with our Nassau County, NY office today.

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