As we look at how to treat shin splints, it would be remiss of us not to mention our friends in the Massapequa Road Runners. This local running club constantly represents our Nassau County community and surely knows a thing or two about prevention and treatment for shin splints. If you are new to running, the Road Runners are a great resource for connecting with fellow fitness enthusiasts and finding support for your healthy lifestyle choice.

You know what else is a great resource for a new runner? Your favorite Nassau County podiatrist office – Foot Specialists of Long Island! We are here to help you with expert foot and ankle care and tips, such as how to treat shin splints. Your health is always our number one goal, so let’s look at how we care for this condition and get you back onto your favorite running paths.

Shin splints are a painful problem common to beginning runners, or veteran ones who have made sudden changes to their workout regimen. The four words that best accompany this injury are “too much, too soon” and you recognize it when you have generalized pain in the front of your lower leg(s).

When you experience pain in your lower leg(s):

  • Contact our office. Shin splints have similar symptoms as stress fractures and other injures, so you want to be sure what condition you are actually experiencing. Making an appointment with your favorite Nassau county podiatrist will ensure you receive an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.
  • Put running on hold. Give your body a chance to rest and heal for somewhere around 1 to 2 weeks. This will help avoid greater injury.
  • Ice your affected shins. Using ice several times during the day will reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing.
  • Start a stretching program. Our office can recommend appropriate stretches to help with the condition.
  • Custom Orthotics. A common cause of shin splints is the overpronation that accompanies flat feet. Orthotic devices we customize for your unique feet can help correct biomechanical issues.


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