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Tips for Buddy-Taping a Broken Toe

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Old Bethpage Equestrian Center offers lessons and trail rides for individuals who would like to experience horseback riding. This can be a fun activity in the Long Island area, but safety is paramount. The center requires that you wear helmets while riding, but you also need to watch your toes. If a horse accidently steps on your foot, you will have to spend time taping a broken toe instead of enjoying a ride.

When you have sustained a broken toe, buddy-taping utilizes the natural splint offered by an adjacent toe. Taping a broken toe is relatively straightforward procedure—essentially you are attaching an injured toe to the one next to it—but there are some things to keep in mind. Here are tips that will help:

  • First, do not attempt to buddy-wrap if you can see bone or your toe is severely bent. In such a case, go to the emergency room or come to our office.

  • Gather all the materials you need before you start taping. This will decrease the amount of walking you need to do. The materials include tape, gauze or cotton, antibiotic ointment, a bandage, and scissors.

  • Check for bleeding before you begin. If you are cut, use antibiotic ointment and a small bandage so as to keep the blood from sticking to the wrapping. This will also decrease the risk of infection by keeping germs out of the wound.

  • Use soft padding, like felt, foam, or cotton, between the toes you are going to tape together. The padding should run the length of your toes and provide cushioning, but without stretching the toes too far apart.

  • You may need to keep the injured toe buddy-taped for 2 to 4 weeks until it is healed.

  • If buddy-taping hurts your injured toe more than not having it taped, simply remove the tape and make an appointment with Foot Specialists of Long Island.

  • If you have diabetes or peripheral arterial disease, do not buddy-tape the injured toe to the one next to avoid potential circulation issues. Instead, call our office and have Dr. Mark Gasparini advise you on how to treat the injury.

Whether you need additional help taping a broken toe or have pain from a different condition, Foot Specialists of Long Island can help. Contact our Massapequa, NY office by calling (516) 804-9038 or use our online form to schedule an appointment.

Photo Credit: Alexis via Pixabay.com

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