The recent run of injuries plaguing the New York Knicks has taken a toll. Since December 17th, 2013, Pablo Prigioni suffered a fractured toe, Metta World Peace has a sore knee, and Carmelo Anthony is dealing with a sprained left ankle. These athletes are talented and tough, but the feet and ankles can only endure so much stress and strain.

At our podiatric office in Massapequa, NY, we encourage the use of custom orthotics. These inserts for your shoes are molded specifically from your foot structure. You may think that shoe inserts are solely to help with foot pain, but there’s more that meets the eye with these devices.

Healthy feet provide a stable base for the rest of your body. When they are not supported in well-fitting shoes, or if you are limping with foot pain from a condition that has developed, the effects go beyond your feet. Your ankles, knees, and lower back often have to absorb the extra strain, which results in additional pain.

Orthotics offer extra support and comfort, but they also work to keep your feet in proper alignment. Over-pronation, when the foot rolls inward farther than normal, can add strain to your knees and hips. Custom orthotics stabilize the foot, and prevent it from rolling too far. In essence, these shoe inserts can take extra strain off your body in a way that regular shoes cannot accomplish.

If you have been living with pain, find out if your feet are the root of the problem. Contact Mark Gasparini, D.P.M. for an evaluation, and find out if orthotics will help you put your best foot forward. Call our office in Massapequa, NY at (516) 804-9038 to make an appointment today.

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