Lawrence Woodmere Academy’s head coach Jeff Weiss recently won his 500th game with the team, making him only the third coach in New York state history to hit this milestone. In part, he attributes his success to his “no cut” policy, which is based on supporting student-athletes and aiming to provide the best possible experience for them. Congrats to coach Weiss and kudos on the “no cut” policy!

We want your sons and daughters to have opportunities to participate in athletic programs if they so desire, and orthotic devices may help them when foot or ankle problems exist. Let’s take a look at how teen athletes benefit from orthotics.

Custom orthotics are versatile tools for any foot doctor and can be used to treat an array of conditions, but can also be used to prevent injuries as well. One function of these medical devices that is particularly helpful is the correction they can provide for pronation abnormalities.

Pronation is a natural, biomechanical process employed by the foot during the ground portion of a step. This is an approximately fifteen percent inward roll that helps promote an even distribution of the tremendous force loads that come from running, jumping, and even just walking. When the foot rolls either more or less than that fifteen percent amount, it can lead to issues. Orthotics that are custom prepared for a patient restrict the motion to a normal range, thereby alleviating excess pressure from areas unequipped to handle it.

In addition to correcting abnormal pronation styles, they can also relieve pressure on juvenile bunions, reduce forefoot pain, and address a common source of heel pain – plantar fasciitis. These medical devices may help teen athletes who have foot arches that are either too high or too low, both to treat current issues and prevent future problems.

If you have an adolescent son or daughter who is experiencing foot pain or difficulty due to pronation abnormalities, it might be time to see for yourself how your teen athlete could be helped by orthotics. Contact our Long Island, NY podiatrist office and schedule an appointment for your son or daughter so we can evaluate the situation and determine if orthotic devices could help.

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