The Thanksgiving season brings out turkeys, but it also brings out the Turkey Trot; a local 5k that raises money for an awesome cause. The Massapequa Park Turkey Trot takes place November 22, 2014, and all proceeds are donated to the YES Community Counseling Center to promote healthy families and a vibrant community. If you think that arch pain is going to prevent you from participating in this fun run and having a great time supporting the cause, we have good news for you! Conservative treatments like orthotics can help your feet stay comfortable while racing, so you can finish strong.

People develop arch pain for a variety of reasons, but among the most common are biomechanically inefficient arches. Naturally flat feet, or fallen arches, struggle to absorb the shock from striking the ground. They make you more likely to overpronate as well, which strains both the ankles and joints higher up (think of your knees and hips). Naturally high arches, called cavus foot, are stiffer and also inefficient at absorbing shock. They can also make you more prone to ankle sprains, calluses, and toe deformities.

These arch problems can make it very uncomfortable for you to participate in your favorite activities, like running. However, simply supporting your arches appropriately can make a significant difference for your foot mechanics and your pain. This is where orthotics come into play. These special inserts provide extra cushioning and help accommodate your midfoot shape. This helps your lower limbs better absorb shock and distribute your body weight.

The kind of insert you use depends on your unique foot shape and mechanical needs. Some people are able to use small, prefabricated, over-the-counter insoles. These are inexpensive and do not last long. Because they are generalized insoles, though, they aren’t customized for your unique needs. Many people end up needing prescription orthotics. These models are casted and crafted to fit your individual feet and correct your biomechanical issues. They provide you with the exact type of support your feet need to run without arch pain.

Not everyone develops midfoot discomfort from their cavus foot or flat feet. For those who do, however, know that you don’t have to let that control your activities. Something as simple as orthotics could make a big difference. If you’re struggling with lower limb pain, let the Foot Specialist of Long Island team in Massapequa, NY, help you. Just call (516) 804-9038 to make an appointment with us.

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