As fitness trends continue to be a hot topic, there are a few new ones that are gaining in popularity around New York. One is called Piloxing, which combines the elements of Pilates with boxing. Maybe you would be interested in a Pound class, which has members working out with weighted Ripstix that are drummed to the beat of the music. The coming year is a great time to try something new, so get out there!

While these classes are indoors, there are also reasons to be outside enjoying the many sports winter has to offer. Since we treat foot and ankle injuries on a regular basis at our office in Massapequa, NY, we’d like to highlight a few to be on the lookout for, so your feet stay safe and healthy this season. Whether you are sledding, skiing, snowboarding, playing hockey or ice skating, a dangerous injury that can creep up quickly is frostbite. This can happen when your feet and toes are exposed to cold temperatures for an extended period of time. It can even happen on a milder day if your socks are wet as well. You may feel pain, burning, or numbness, and your skin will most likely change color to a bluish-grey or black.

Wet socks in shoes and boots can increase your risk for developing blisters, so keep an extra dry pair of socks with you when you go out. Skiing and skating are two sports that put a lot of strain on your feet. Tight ice skates and ski boots can lead to a neuroma, a sprain in the foot, or a subungual hematoma, which is bleeding under a toenail.

Don’t let a foot problem take the fun out of your winter activities. Contact Mark Gasparini, D.P.M for more information or treatment. Call our podiatric office in Massapequa, NY at (516) 804-9038 to make an appointment today.

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