You exercise to stay healthy and strengthen your muscles, but you probably don’t put much thought into what all that exercise does to your bones, do you? Common activities like hiking, dancing, running, playing tennis or basketball, or even climbing stairs, actually put stress on your skeleton. If your bones are weak, this can result in injury. The good news is there are ways of exercising bones that can make them as strong as the rest of you.

We recommend to do 30 minutes of your favorite activity four times a week, but incorporate some flexibility and balancing exercises into your routine as well. Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates are great compliments to any workout. Another option is to choose exercises like swimming or cycling that do not put strain on your bones, yet do keep you active and healthy.

It is possible to be at risk for thinning bones, which can obviously weaken them. With such a condition, many different factors come into play including age, weight, bone health, and genetics. The best way to find out if you are at risk is to consult with a podiatrist. A diagnosis of thinning bones makes exercising them even more crucial in order to stay healthy and injury-free.

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