The holiday season is coming into full swing and this means lots of shopping, feasts, and getting dressed to the nines for parties. For all the ladies out there, this will likely entail wearing fashionable, tight pumps. We understand that those types of shoes can be uncomfortable if you suffer from claw toe, so we are here to help you find footwear options that can help with that condition.

If you are unaware of what this condition is, it means that your toe is bent up at the base of the foot and bent down at the middle joint. The reason for the name is simply that it causes the toe to curl up like a claw. This ailment is often the result of either nerve damage, but ill-fitting footwear that causes you to squeeze your toes into shoes that are too small or tight is also a factor. Such shoes are not going to be the most comfortable ones when you have this condition—and actually will make the situation worse—so it is crucial that you pick out footwear that fits.

Your cute pumps are probably going to cause some pain or discomfort, but if you save them for a single event, you will be okay. When you are walking miles through malls to find those perfect gifts, though, choose a pair of comfortable athletic shoes with room in the toe area. A large or high toe box will offer the comfort you need for your curled toe.

If you want more information on this condition, or need a specialist to help you treat claw toe or any other foot or ankle ailment that concerns you, call (516) 804-9038 and set up an appointment with the Mark Gasparini, D.P.M., team in Bethpage, NY, today.

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