It won’t be long until our local NYC high school gyms are full of the sounds of sneakers (does anyone actually call them sneakers anymore?) squeaking on the basketball courts. In the meantime, fall sports are still in session and high school student-athletes are giving their all on the fields, courts, and cross country courses. It can be tough on kids when they aren’t able to participate in athletic events due to an existing condition, like bunions or bunionettes. Fortunately, shoe choices for bunionettes and footwear modifications can help.

In spite of their common association with fashionable women’s footwear like stilettos and pumps, bunions and bunionettes can be an issue for children, both boys and girls. These toe deformities are often due to an inherited foot structure, particularly when excessive pressure is placed on either the inside or outside edge where the toe and foot connect.

The good news for younger patients who want to participate in kids’ sports is that there are shoe choices that enable athletic participation even with juvenile bunionettes. When you are looking for footwear that accommodates bunions and bunionettes, keep an eye out for:

  • Shoes with wide toe boxes. Narrow shoes will only put pressure on the bunionette and cause irritation and inflammation. Models that have ample room in the front prevent that from happening.
  • Shoes with soft fabric or mesh uppers. Footwear with these kinds of materials will allow for stretching and can conform to the affected foot’s shape more easily. Stiff, non-stretchy uppers are rigid and will only lead to issues.
  • Shoes that have depth. Deep shoes are almost as important as wide ones because they provide additional room and flexibility. Additionally, bunions and bunionettes also tend to extend lower than the rest of the foot.
  • Shoes that provide sufficient cushioning. In many cases, the bunion or bunionette area of the foot faces excessive pressure. Footwear that is well-cushioned helps to absorb that force so it isn’t as intense on the affected toe joint.

When it comes to treating juvenile bunionettes, Foot Specialists of Long Island has you and your loved ones covered. We provide first-class treatment and can guide you to top shoe choices for bunionettes so that your son or daughter can participate in favorite sports. Schedule an appointment today at our Nassau County office online or by calling (516) 804-9038. 

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