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Blog from Podiatrist Dr. Mark Gasparini

When it comes to the health of your feet, you want fast help. Get some top tips in this medical blog, written by Suffolk County podiatrist Dr. Mark Gasparini.

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  • Stop Heel Pain Now! Blog Foot Specialists of Long Island offers a completely free book to help you stop heel pain now!
  • Stretches to Relieve (and Prevent!) Heel Pain Dr. Mark Gasparini provides stretches you should use to both treat and prevent heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis.
  • Why Do My Foot Arches Hurt When I Run? It isn’t normal for foot arches to hurt when you run. If they do, you should come see Dr. Mark Gasparini so he can diagnose and treat the problem for you.
  • Stretches to Relieve Heel Pain Heel pain is annoying at best and debilitating at worst, but Dr. Mark Gasparini has good news – stretches go a long way toward relieving your pain.
  • Exploring the Lisfranc Joint Want to learn more about a structure in your foot called the Lisfranc joint complex? Foot Specialists of Long Island explains this part of your midfoot.
  • The Connection Between Heel Pain and Footwear Heel pain has many causes, but wearing the wrong shoes is one of the most common. Ask Dr. Mark Gasparini for help when buying your next pair of shoes.
  • Avoiding Heel Pain on the Trail When going on a hike through your favorite trail, Mark Gasparini, DPM, offers tips and tricks to help you avoid heel pain and enjoy your time outdoors!
  • Try Orthotics in Sandals Wearing sandals during the warmer summer months doesn't mean you have to subject your feet to uncomfortable experiences. Use orthotics for your sandals.
  • Find the Source to Halt Your Heel Pain Heel pain can derive from a multitude of different sources. Pain being encountered during specific activities or certain times of the day always has an answer.
  • Is Heel Pain Hindering Your Activity? Debilitating heel pain is a common issue seen my Mark Gasparini, DPM of Massapequa, New York. There are methods hr has to help you re-heal and get active again.