In our office, we see a lot of diabetics, and diabetics have a special place in my heart.

You have to really be careful with diabetics. They have very at-risk foot care, and their circulation diminishes over time. They can also develop neuropathy and develop different pathologies with their feet, and we really have to monitor them and make sure they don’t develop any ulcerations. If an ulceration does arise, we treat it right away. We have to be careful with any type of infection or any possibility of gangrene, and we want to prevent any amputations from occurring as well.

Basically, your foot is always at risk and it is always important to get an education when you come in, so that I can teach you what to look for at home. Every night I would like you to check over your feet to make sure everything is sound, and if something is not sound to come into the office right away.