Toenail fungus is a very common pathology with the toes. It occurs overtime, and what happens is that the fungus likes a dark, moist environment. Our feet are usually inside shoes, inside a dark environment. They perspire a lot and as we age and get older, our immune system gets weaker. As that immune system gets weaker, it can’t fight off the fungus like it used to.

So what happens is that it ends up grabbing hold, and stays there and proliferates. It’s a living organism, so it just keeps on replicating.

Fungus is treated several different ways. There are a couple different methods out there in terms of treating it. We can treat it with topical medication, and that is fairly effective as long as it’s not too thick of a nail. Then there’s also another option in terms of taking a pill, and also the third option, which is the laser treatment.