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Foot Specialists of Long Island
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Get the latest in foot and ankle health with our newsletters

We at Foot Specialists of Long Island are happy to provide you with monthly newsletters centered on the proper care and treatment of your feet and ankles. Find the information you need to stave off infections, injuries, and other conditions to your lower extremities with interesting articles and tidbits that are completely free to you.

This library makes it possible for you to browse through and enjoy our entire catalog of newsletters. We are dedicated to giving you every you need to keep your feet and ankles healthy. If you think you're in need of professional treatment, please feel free to contact Dr. Gasparini and the staff at Foot Specialists of Long Island by calling 516-804-9038.

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  • March 2016 Newsletter This month's newsletter runs the gamut between toenail fungus, Morton's neuroma, and the benefits of walking. And don't miss out on some St. Patty's Day trivia!
  • January 2016 Newsletter PT exercises, diabetic foot check tips, and a tasty new recipe for your Super Bowl party are all a part of our January 2016 newsletter!
  • December 2015 Newsletter Find tips on preventing stress fractures, easing foot pain, and getting your kids to unplug! It’s all inside our latest issue, so be sure to read!
  • November 2015 Newsletter Dr. Gasparini covers hereditary foot conditions right before you visit your family at Thanksgiving, in addition to giving more foot care tips.