It is rather common to wonder how orthotics work with shoes. These devices are intended to be used as inserts into footwear to help correct a medical condition. The orthotic devices we provide in our Nassau County podiatrist office are customized for you and will be able to work in most styles of footwear you already own.

While they can be used in a wide array of shoes, orthotics work particularly well with athletic shoes, work boots, and shoes worn in the office. Most casual footwear models will also work well with your orthotics. They work best in shoes that have a removable insole.

There is a possibility that a pair of custom orthotics will be beneficial for a painful foot or ankle condition that is ailing you or someone you care about. Come see our doctors at Foot Specialists of Long Island and we can develop a treatment plan that works for you. If this includes a pair of orthotics, we will discuss how they work with your footwear.

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