Claw toe and hammertoe have a number of similarities, but they are different conditions. Claw toe is a deformity that involves one or more of the small toes, though typically all four are affected. The middle and end joints in the toes are bent and curled under in this condition. The problem can be the result of a muscle imbalance or a nerve problem.

Hammertoe, on the other hand, only causes the middle joint of the affected digit to bend. Any of the small toes can be affected, but usually it’s only the second digit. Often this deformity happens in conjunction with bunions. It’s caused by a muscle and tendon imbalance. Because these two conditions are similar, they can be difficult to tell apart. Let Mark Gasparini, D.P.M., and our expert staff, help accurately diagnose your specific problem. Then we can help you begin the best treatment for your feet. Don’t wait for the toes to become permanently bent before seeking help. Call (516) 804-9038 to make an appointment at our Massapequa, NY, office.