Chronic Pain Treatment

Have you suffered an ankle sprain that just doesn’t seem to be getting any better? How about chronic heel pain that rudely awakens with the first footsteps of every morning? Swelling and pain throughout the feet with no end in sight?

If that sounds like you, we have some good news. Laser therapy is now available at the Foot Specialists of Long Island. While it sounds like science fiction, it’s very real and incredibly effective for a wide range of uncomfortable conditions.

But how does it work? The concepts are not that difficult to understand.

Light—whether visible to the human eye or outside our visual range—contains energy. (You feel that energy, for example, when you step outside on a sunny day and the light warms your skin.) That energy can cause different kinds of reactions and effects in living tissue, depending on properties like its wavelength and power.

The laser used in our therapy sessions emits light energy that can be absorbed and used by your body’s cells in extremely productive ways. A small increase in tissue temperature, for example, can relieve pain, improve the flow of blood and nutrients to an injury, or relax muscle spasms. Even better, those newly energized cells become much more efficient at healing and repairing themselves. As a result, laser therapy can bring accelerated healing for sports injuries, chronic pain, and other musculoskeletal injuries.

The effect of the laser is so potent that only about 10 minutes of treatment per session is required for each trigger point or area of injury. Despite this, treatment is completely painless and unobtrusive, with no downtime whatsoever after the procedure.

Treatment effects are cumulative. Most conditions require a series of six treatments, each spaced a few weeks apart. We offer affordable packages, as low as $325 for 6 treatments. When you consider the magnitude of the relief that laser therapy can achieve—and the fact that it could completely save you from needing a future surgery—we think that’s a pretty good deal.

If you’re suffering from foot or ankle pain, give us a call. Our office also offers a range of treatment options, including more conventional care like physical therapy and orthotics. However, laser therapy may just be the thing you need, especially if other treatments haven’t given you the level of relief you desire. Give the Foot Specialists of Long Island a call today at (516) 804-9038.
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