When spring turns to summer, you need to switch up your foot care routine or risk saying goodbye to , if pretty summer toe nails and feet. Why? When the weather changes—and you get outside more often—you need to make sure your foot care routine can keep up with the fun! So, for that reason, we’re sharing all the rules you need to follow to maintain proper foot care this summer in Long Island. 

Summer in Long Island Foot Care: Why Change Matters feet in flip flops at the pool

During our long New York winters, we’re able to keep our feet covered up with thick socks, boots and fuzzy slippers. But once summer finally arrives, we’re either hitting our Long Island hiking trails or spending days at the beach. And, if you choose the surf and sun, you’ll be showing off those toes in your  favorite summer sandals. As a result, your feet have to look and feel their best during the warm summer months. And that means putting extra time and attention into your regular foot care routine.  

What’s your first area of focus? This season is all about your toenails, and showing off fun summer pedicures. As such, this is also the season to repair damaged toenails and clear any fungal infections that are affecting the appearance of your nails. Got your toenails in great shape? Make sure the skin on your feet looks great, too by caring for corns and calluses. 

Also, be sure to consider the hot and humid summer weather when choosing your foot gear—you don’t want your feet getting clammy and sweaty. So you may wish to wear breathable shoes, and pair them with moisture-wicking socks to keep athlete’s foot infections away from your feet. 
And don’t forget to keep those feet covered when you hit the pool deck or head to a locker room at your local beach club. Otherwise, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to foot and nail fungus.  (P.S. When you do slip on those shoes, look for arch support, even in sandals. Otherwise, summer heel and arch pain could ruin your July and August.) 

By this point, we’ve highlighted all the ways summer in Long Island can hurt your feet. But these possibilities don’t need to become reality. How can you avoid the worst outcomes? Just follow these five summer foot care tips from our podiatrists in Massapequa, NY

1. Summer in Long Island: Keep Feet Clean 

During the long, hot summer in Long Island, keeping your feet clean is very important. We suggest washing your feet every day, at the end of the day, using soap and warm water. Make sure to get to every spot on your feet, giving extra attention to the nooks between your toes. Afterwards, put just as much effort into drying your feet. And, if possible, let them air dry for a few extra minutes before covering up with a pair of socks or shoes. 

2. Get Smooth Sailing with Skin Care

When you’re showing off your feet all day, you don’t want any visible lumps and bumps to ruin the look of your lovely sandals. So, during this season, try applying gentle exfoliators to your feet, to get rid of rough, dead skin cells at the end of the day. Just steer clear of corns and calluses if you’ve got them. These rough spots have to be treated in the office, because over-the-counter solutions are ineffective at best, and can even burn your skin if not applied properly. 

3. Don’t forget to moisturize

While you may be vigilant about moisturizing your feet in winter, you can’t fall off the wagon during the sweaty summer in Long Island. Even though humidity means there’s more moisture in the air, your feet can still get dry in summer—and that delicate skin dries out at a faster pace than the rest of your body. To prevent problems, you should stick to a daily moisturizing routine. This can help you avoid developing rough patches on your skin, especially on the heels or soles of your feet. (Keep in mind that if your feet were dry before the start of the season, you may need to moisturize twice daily.) 

Just remember: the moisturizing product you choose matters. Feet that tend towards dryness need a stronger, cream-based moisturizer, ideally with urea for extra hydration. Just keep moisturizer out of the space between your toes, as that could leave your feet damp and primed to harbor fungal infections.  

4. Summer in Long Island: Check feet for shape shifts

While you’re rocking those summer sandals, take some time to look at the silhouette of your feet, and the shape of your toes. Got a bump on the back of your heel? It could be a heel spur. Notice that your big toe is moving inwards, causing a bump to form at the base of your big toe? You could be spotting a bunion in its early stages. And that’s actually a good thing, since seeking treatment when deformities are just starting to form means we can stop small problems from becoming big ones. (Usually without foot surgery!)

5. Score Pretty toenails for the Summer in Long Island

Before you head to the nail salon for your perfect summer pedicure, let’s make sure you do so safely. First, make sure that the bowl you soak your feet in is lined with disposable plastic, to protect them from infection. Next, tell your pedicurist to steer clear of your cuticles. And, instead of cutting your nails, ask for a filing instead, suggesting a square shape to protect the corners of your nail bed and reduce your risk for ingrown toenails

Better yet? Steer clear of the nail salon hazards and try a DIY pedicure at home. While you’re doing so, examine your feet for changes, and apply that moisturizer your feet are crying for. Finally, choose a better-for-you nail polish like Dr.’s REMEDY, a brand with plenty of color options, that are free from toxic chemicals and can even strengthen the health of your nails!  

Need more support with foot care during the summer in Long Island? That’s what we’re here for! Make an immediate appointment in our podiatry office om the South Shore of Long Island. When you come in, we’ll make sure your feet are ready for all the fun of summer in Long Island!  


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