It’s going to be summer here in Long Island before we know it. Now is the time to start working out, if you aren’t already, to get your body in the best shape for beach season. When you hit the pavement or running trails, the last thing you want is to have shin splints holding you back. We have good news for you: there are easy measures you can take to prevent that from happening.

One of the best practices for preventing this injury is to ease into a new workout program slowly. A variety of conditions, including this pain in the front of your shins, happen when individuals attempt to tackle too much, too soon. It is important to start at low levels of intensity and duration and then only increase them by 10% or less on a weekly basis.

In addition to gradually progressing the duration and intensity of your workouts, incorporate cross-training into your regimen. Mixing in low-impact activities—swimming, rowing, cycling—will reduce the harsh impacts that your joints and lower legs receive while running and make injuries less likely.

You are carefully ramping up your distances and intensity, and you’ve added a couple of swimming sessions throughout the week, so what other measures can you take? Shortening your stride, wearing supportive shoes, and stretching are other ways of preventing painful shins. With regard to stretches, toe raises are particularly helpful. Perform them first as a set of 10 with your heels together (and toes pointed out), and then another set of 10 with your big toes together (and heels apart).

Well-constructed, supportive shoes can help, but orthotics may prove to be even better. Orthotics are customized for your feet and improve your biomechanical processes so you become less likely to sustain common overuse injuries. Our office can provide you with a pair is based on your foot measurements and gait style.

If you have a difficult case of shin splints, or would simply like additional advice on how to avoid them altogether, we are here for you. Come in and find out why our patients choose Foot Specialists of Long Island for all of their foot health needs. Contact our Massapequa, NY office through our online form or call us today at (516) 804-9038 to schedule an appointment.

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Sarah Venard 05/09/2015 03:38 AM
I used to get terrible shin splints - until I discovered my cause of them. Sounds ridiculous what I am going to say now! Are you ready? My sock elastic was too tight. I cut the elastic with a pair of scissors - et voila - problem solved. Previously I was unable to run more than 2 minutes now I am up to 25 mins - pain free. Unfortunately I am 43 - wished I had worked out the probem sooner! I bought the best running shoes I could find - nike vomero, have rigid custom made orthotics and did the NHS couch to 5 k plan. However - for me it was tight sock elastic!!!! Now magic
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