Sandals season is here!!! Time to show your feet – wooohooo! There isn’t just one variety of sandals. There are million styles and shades in sandals available out there! Wearing sandals or being barefoot means your feet are largely uncovered. As a podiatrist, I say that summer is a chance to give your feet a break and wear supportive sandals. There are few things to keep in mind when choosing your sandals. First thing is to focus on fit. Choose sandals that fit perfectly to your feet - very important!! Anyone who experiences foot pain but doesn’t want to wear ugly wide toe shoes, here is something worth trying. There are summer sandals available that are combination of orthotics and fashionable style. These ORTHOHEEL sandals are specially designed to maintain natural shape of the foot and to give relief for many different types of foot, leg, and even back pain. We know that our feet are designed to walk on natural and soft surfaces. Walking on hard surfaces causes misalignment of feet and rest of the lower extremity. It also affects natural arches of the foot. It is important to pay attention when choosing shoes or sandals, especially when you have flat feet, high arches foot, bunions, calluses, corns, hammertoes, in grown toe nails etc. ORTHOHEEL sandals are used to reduce pain due to bunion, flat feet, heel pain, or ball of the foot pain. ORTHOHEEL can help to relive pain by providing natural shape and support to the feet. Few other things to keep in mind when choosing sandals: Try to choose wider toe opening instead of narrow one with sandals. Avoid heels that are more than 2 inches, since heels out a lot of pressure on the ball of your feet and toes. You can also minimize your time in heels by wearing supportive shoes in transit. One of the other things that you should be thinking about is a harmful ray of the sun. Be sure to apply sunscreen to the top and soles of your feet. Don’t forget about the in between toes.

If you are experiencing any type of heel or foot pain, come see Dr. Gasparini. Don’t avoid the pain. Schedule an appointment today to see me at Massapequa office before foot pain takes you away from your favorite summer activities.

Disclaimer: We do NOT get paid by ORTHOHEEL.

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