Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for those who live with diabetes. It promotes healthy circulation, but avoids the forces that accompany high-impact activities. Individuals living here in Nassau County, NY are fortunate to have access to one of the top swimming facilities in the whole country —the Nassau County Aquatic Center. Exercise is a component of a successful diabetic foot care plan, but there are other essential parts too.

Other steps you can take for preventive diabetic foot care include:

  • Daily feet inspection. Many foot issues that diabetic individuals face happen because of neuropathy (nerve damage) that often accompanies the disease. When you cannot feel an injury or abnormal condition, it can go untreated and become a major complication. Conducting a daily inspection of your feet helps you catch issues at earlier, more treatable stages.
  • Moisturizing. Excessively dry skin can break down and lead to ulcers, which are open sores that pose a dangerous threat to individuals living with diabetes. Avoid this situation by using moisturizing cream or lotion after showering and before bed to keep your skin supple. Apply liberally to the tops, bottoms, and heel areas of your feet.
  • Wearing footwear. Even at home, wear footwear to protect your feet against damage that could be sustained by stepping on something or stubbing your toe on the corner of a piece of furniture. Before you put them on, though, always check the insides of shoes and socks to make sure they don’t contain anything that could cause injury.
  • Proper toenail trimming. Prevent your risk of an ingrown toenail—and an infection that could happen as a result—by always clipping your nails straight across and even with the edge of your toes. Don’t feel comfortable doing this? Make an appointment with our office and we can handle it for you.
  • Keeping feet dry. Wear shoes made from breathable materials, along with moisture-wicking diabetic socks, to keep your feet dry and decrease your odds of suffering a fungal infection. Additionally, use shower shoes or sandals when you walk on a pool deck or in a locker room or gym shower area.
When it comes to creating an effective plan for preventive diabetic foot care, Foot Specialists of Long Island is here to help. Contact our Long Island, NY podiatric practice today by calling (516) 804-9038 or schedule an appointment online and we can work together to keep you safe.
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