Football season is starting up again, and if there’s one thing football players know about, it’s blisters. A blister on your foot can severely impact your ability to walk and run, so it’s very important to think about prevention in order for you to stay active and comfortable.

A blister is essentially a protective barrier between your skin and the elements. However, it can be very uncomfortable and even painful to put pressure on it. These little fluid-filled bubbles form when friction is at play. If your feet are moist and your shoes are rubbing, pressure can build, which causes a blister to develop. Other causes can include exposure to intense heat or chemicals and certain medical conditions (such as impetigo).

The best way to treat blisters is by preventing them from forming in the first place. Make sure you always wear shoes that fit properly and never go without socks. Choose socks that wick moisture away from your skin making it less slick. There are different types of protective padding you can wear for when you are engaging in physical activity as well. You can also use talcum or baby powder to keep your feet dry. If you already have an existing blister, make sure you take care when treating it. Blisters have the tendency to get infected if not cared for properly. You can use gauze to cover the blister so that it is protected. Ice can also help reduce pain. If the blister bursts, you can allow it to drain and then cover it again with antibacterial ointment and a protective dressing.

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