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Blog from Podiatrist Dr. Mark Gasparini

When it comes to the health of your feet, you want fast help. Get some top tips in this medical blog, written by Suffolk County podiatrist Dr. Mark Gasparini.

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  • Get Tough on Your Plantar Warts Long Island podiatrist Mark Gasparini knows how to treat plantar warts effectively. When home remedies don’t do the trick, it’s time for proven methods.
  • You Shouldn’t Ignore Plantar Warts Plantar warts can be a real nuisance on your feet. Dr. Mark Gasparini discusses why you don’t want to wait for your warts to go away.
  • Treating Warts Warts do usually go away on their own, but it can take a couple of years. Instead of waiting it out, have Dr. Mark Gasparini remove your plantar wart.
  • Keep Plantar Warts from Growing Back Dr. Mark Gasparini knows you want to keep plantar warts from growing back, so he offers advice on how to keep your feet wart-free!