Your friendly Foot Specialists of Long Island have discussed various facets of winter foot careskiing, preventing frostbite, avoiding toenail fungus—for you, but today we are going to look at this important matter with regard to a timeless winter classic – ice skating. Folks here in the Massapequa, Lindenhurst, and Bethpage, NY, areas love skating, whether it’s outdoors or indoors. A local family has even been featured in the PIX 11 news for the ice rink they build in their backyard!

Before you step out onto the ice, it’s important to follow some tips to keep you and your feet and ankles safe while you skate around:

  • Make sure that your skates fit comfortably. If they are either too tight or too loose, you risk developing blisters, calluses, or bunions that could be painful, even when you are off the ice. Additionally, it is imperative for your ankles’ safety that your ice skates provide adequate ankle support and prevent lateral movement.
  • Check the blades on your skates. When blades are either too sharp or poorly placed, they can lead to shin splints or other injuries for less experienced skaters. Incorrectly placed blades will cause you to shift too much to either the inside or outside edge.
  • Customize the fit. Heat-fitting or stretching your skating boots will help prevent the onset of malleolar bursitis, which is a painful injury that can lead to irritation and swelling in your ankle area.
  • Build up your skating sessions. As is the case with most athletic endeavors, trying to do too much, too soon will only lead to problems. In order to reduce the risk of shin splints, stress fractures, and plantar fasciitis, keep the initial skating sessions to a reasonable amount of time and progress from there.

When you experience any pain or discomfort following a skating session, come and see Foot Specialists of Long Island. We will accurately diagnose, effectively treat, and give you winter foot care tips to prevent the issue from coming back. Our Massapequa, NY, office continually provides the first-class care you have come to expect from us and can be reached by calling (516) 804-9038. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online today.

Photo Credit: LotusHead via Stock.Xchng

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