Choose the Right Athletic ShoesWhen you want to make a splashy appearance in a pair of fashionable kicks, the Air Jordan line is king of the court. Nike launched the product line back in 1984 and kids today still clamor for not only the latest versions but also “retro” models that were sported by one of the greatest athletes of all-time. 
Wearing these shoes conveys the message that you are fashion savvy and recognize brilliant design.
Of course, athletic shoes can be worn for more than just making a fashion statement. Some people actually wear them for sports, too! When you do, it is important that you are choosing the right athletic shoes not only for the sport you participate in, but also for your unique feet.
The Jordan basketball shoes were designed for Michael Jordan to perform a specific sport at the highest level, so they have functional merit to accompany their “cool” factor. If you are willing to shell out the cash—and some cost over $600(!)—to pick up some Air Jordan’s, make sure you wear them for the sport they are intended!
Wearing the appropriate shoes for the right sport is one of the first requirements. Sure, you can technically run a marathon in a pair of basketball shoes, but they are not intended for that purpose and you could cause damage to your feet. At the same time, wearing running shoes for your basketball game puts you at greater risk for sustaining a sprained ankle, since they do not offer the ankle support basketball shoes do.
In addition to being right for the sport, athletic footwear needs to be right for your feet. This means wearing shoes that fit properly! There needs to be a little room (about the width of a thumb) between your longest toe and the front of a shoe, and toes should be able to wiggle. Your heels must be firmly cradled, and you also need the correct support for your foot arch.
Choosing the right athletic shoes is definitely an important part of your foot health, but so is knowing where to go when you need treatment for a foot or ankle injury. The good news is that you can always come to Foot Specialists of Long Island for any foot or ankle condition and we will provide the appropriate care. Call us at (516) 804-9038 to arrange a visit with our Nassau County, NY podiatrists. You can also schedule your appointment online today.
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