As you start to review your plans for Abe Lincoln’s birthday you may find...Wait, you don’t have plans for this holiday?! You no doubt had plenty of planning for the various holidays we recently went through, but you didn’t plan how you were going to celebrate our Nation’s 16th president? Well, let’s help you with that! Can you think of a better way to honor Honest Abe than by running either a full or half marathon? Neither could we.

On February 12th, you might elect to participate in Lincoln’s Birthday International Marathon and Half Marathon in East Meadow, NY. If you are in condition to run either a half or full marathon, you may experience some chilly New York weather on that day (or in your training leading up to the run). We want you to be safe in your training, so here are some tips for running in the cold:

  • Plan your route ahead. Know the area where you are going to run, especially with regard to what kind of conditions you will face (Are the streets plowed? Sidewalks well-lit?).

  • Consider having your well-planned route consist of a loop in your neighborhood that can be repeated to achieve whatever distance you want. By staying close to home, you will be able to get out of dangerous elements, should they develop.

  • One more consideration with regard to your route planning is to pick courses that are not wide open or near water. You want to protect yourself from harsh winds and blowing snow, so tree-lined trails and tall buildings are your friends.

  • Warm up indoors for about five minutes by jogging in place or walking around the house. Your body will tighten quickly when you hit the great outdoors, so get loose beforehand.

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. In warmer climates, it is easy to see how much fluids you are losing due to sweat. This isn’t the case in winter, so drink plenty of water or sports beverages.

  • The best time of day for a run in winter is midafternoon. You may be used to hitting the streets in the morning, but switching this time of year is a wise choice.

If you need more tips for cold weather running or sustain any foot or ankle injuries this winter, come see Mark Gasparini, D.P.M. Call our Massapequa, NY, office at (516) 804-9038 or schedule an appointment online.

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