Bunion pain can be a real bummer on the holidays, but if you have the right footwear you can either manage the condition or prevent it from happening altogether.

If you notice a swollen bump on the outside of your foot at the joint that connects your big toe to the rest of your foot, you likely have a bunion. These painful growths are more likely found in women, due to their shoe choice, and are often caused by shoes that are too small.

There are two different objectives when it comes to footwear and bunions. Either you need to choose shoes on account of the fact that you have a bunion, or you want to prevent one from with advice from the office of Mark Gasparini, D.P.M.

Prevention is generally preferable to treatment so here are some things to keep in mind when buying a new pair of shoes:

  • Go shoe shopping in the early evening. Your feet swell during the course of the day, so buying shoes at this time will ensure that they fit comfortably when your feet are at their largest.

  • The odds are fairly significant that one of your feet is larger than the other foot. Have both of your feet measured and buy a pair that fits the bigger one.

  • Do not purchase a pair in the hopes that they will stretch out. They very well might, but in the meantime your toes are being crunched together in an awkward fashion. This might potentially lead to bunions, corns, claw toes, or other toe deformities.

  • We are going to apologize in advance, ladies, but those super cute pumps are basically bunion-makers. Avoid wearing high heels on a consistent basis and save them only for special occasions. At other times, choose comfy shoes that have ample room for your toes.

If you already have a bunion, there are certain traits you can look for in shoes to help manage the pain and discomfort. Choose footwear that offers a deep, wide toe box. Purchase stretchable shoes that will decrease joint irritation. Avoid pointed-toe shoes, because they will constrict your feet and aggravate your bunion.

Don’t let bunion pain put a damper on your holidays. Come see Mark Gasparini, D.P.M., at our Massapequa, NY, office and get the foot care you deserve. Call (516) 804-9038 or schedule an appointment online today!

Photo Credit: Marin via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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