Valentine’s Day is almost here, so it is probably too late to make extravagant plans. Besides, your child came home with a sprained ankle and needs your care. You can still celebrate with your sweetie, though, by ordering Chinese takeout and watching some classic romantic movies at home. (Jaws, anyone?) Now, everyone knows that a staple of Chinese food is rice, but RICE can also be a valuable part of children’s foot care, especially when dealing with an ankle sprain.

A sprain can be uncomfortable or painful, but the good news is that this condition is easily treated using the RICE method. This first aid and treatment method is particularly helpful for injuries and entails:

  • Rest – Your child’s body requires time to begin healing itself and this means that he or she needs to keep weight off the injured ankle for 48 hours. Use this in conjunction with the next three elements of RICE for a successful recovery.
  • Ice – The body has a tremendous ability to heal itself, but a little assistance is always appreciated. Icing the affected area will help to decrease swelling and pain. Be sure to wrap ice in a towel, so as to avoid ice-to-skin contact, or use a cold compress.
  • Compression – In addition to ice, the use of an elastic compression bandage will minimize the swelling, provided that it is not wrapped too tightly. If there is tingling, numbness, increased pain, or swelling below the bandage, then it needs to be loosened.
  • Elevation – A further step that can be taken to limit or prevent swelling in the affected area is to elevate it above heart level. With an ankle sprain, this is relatively easy to accomplish when you have your child lay on the couch or his or her bed. Just prop the injured ankle up on a couple of pillows.

The RICE method is often highly effective, but sometimes you need additional assistance. Let us be that assistance! Foot Specialists of Long Island is located in Massapequa, NY, but cares for patients from the Lindenhurst, Massapequa Park, Farmingdale, Bethpage, Wantagh, and Seaford communities, as well. When your child has a difficult ankle sprain and needs expert children’s foot care, call us at (516) 804-9038 or use our online form to set up an appointment today.

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