Ingrown Toe NailWith Labor Day upon us, we can say that summer is over. For some people, mostly kids and teachers, this is a sad occasion. If you are a runner, though, it’s great news! First, the long holiday weekend means an extra day to run without worrying about work. More importantly, though, fall is going to bring moderate temperatures that are perfect for running. 

When you enjoy running and other physical activities, all of us here at Foot Specialists of Long Island are always hoping you stay safe and injury-free. Now, there are many different potential foot and ankle injuries you might sustain when hitting the trails or running along our streets, but don’t underestimate the value of knowing how to prevent ingrown toenails!

People might be quick to think about sprained ankles and shin splints as running concerns, but ingrown toenails are also an issue for many runners. You can reduce your risks by using the following ingrown toenail prevention tips:

  1. Wear the right shoes. You already should know you need proper running shoes if that’s a pastime you enjoy, but it’s also incredibly important to make sure they fit correctly as well. If the front of your foot is hitting the front of the shoe, you are at risk for ingrown toenails (and also black toenails). When you buy your running shoes, make sure you have roughly a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe and the front of the shoe.
  2. Clip your nails correctly. Don’t clip your toenails too short and make sure you trim them straight across. Too many cases of ingrown toenails happen because of rounded toenails, or ones that were too short and grew into the flesh on the sides of them.
  3. Correct overpronation. This is actually a commonly overlooked tip to prevent ingrown toenails, but when you overpronate, it places excessive pressure on the inside edge of your foot. This can lead to that edge of the big toe’s nail becoming ingrown. If you have pronation issues, we can correct them with a pair of orthotic devices!

If you have any questions, or need to schedule an appointment with our Nassau County podiatrist office for ingrown toenail treatment, give us a call at (516) 804-9038. You can also use our online form to contact Foot Specialists of Long Island right now.

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