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Blog from Podiatrist Dr. Mark Gasparini

When it comes to the health of your feet, you want fast help. Get some top tips in this medical blog, written by Suffolk County podiatrist Dr. Mark Gasparini.

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  • Summer Fitness and Potential Injuries The weather is getting warmer and that means it is peak season for sports – and sports injuries. Read our blog to find out how you can prevent painful foot and ankle conditions from sidelining you for the season.
  • Why Diabetic Foot Care is a Crucial Addition to Your Life Dr. Mark Gasparini in Massapequa supports diabetic foot care for all patients who need it. Learn more about why good preventative care is so important.
  • Time to Get Tough on Your Plantar Warts Long Island podiatrist Mark Gasparini knows how to treat plantar warts effectively. When home remedies don’t do the trick, it’s time for proven methods.
  • Why Fungus Loves Your Winter Boots If you think athlete’s foot and other fungal problems are over once winter hits, you thought wrong. Dr. Mark Gasparini in Massapequa explains why fungus is still a problem in winter boots, and what you can do to protect yourself.
  • 3 Reasons to Try Laser Nail Therapy If you suffer from unsightly fungal nails, laser treatment is an option well worth your consideration. Drs. Mark Gasparini and Novneet Chhabra discuss some reasons why laser is the optimal form of treatment.
  • Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Plantar Warts Plantar warts can be a real nuisance on your feet. Dr. Mark Gasparini at Foot Specialists of Long Island discusses why you don’t want to hold off and wait for your warts to go away.
  • How to Prepare for Foot or Ankle Surgery (Before AND After) When foot or ankle surgery is necessary, the experts at Foot Specialists of Long Island will support you every step of the way. Take advantage of some tips from our Rockville Centre podiatrists for both before and after the procedure.
  • Tips for Keeping Your Feet Safe in Summer Summer fun can turn into a bummer if foot problems plague you. The experts at Foot Specialists of Long Island discuss tips on keeping feet safe in summer.
  • Top Running Trails in Nassau County Running can be such an outstanding exercise for your overall fitness, and also for the health and wellbeing of your feet. Dr. Gasparini takes the time to discuss some of the top running trails in Nassau County – along with some bonus ones in nearby counties. Of course, if you sustain a foot or ankle injury while training, make sure you come in and see Long Island Foot Specialists for professional treatment!
  • Avoid Foot & Ankle Soccer Injuries Avoid weeks on the injured reserve list this soccer season with these expert tips from foot and ankle specialist Dr. Mark Gasparini!